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Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

About Me:

I am a Raleigh, NC native. I have graduated from NC State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, and NC Central University with a M.S. in Biology. I have many years of teaching and research experience in Biology, Genetics and various other fields in the Sciences. I am super excited to be a part of Moore Square Magnet Middle School!


Science Remind: 



           text @677h96 to 81010

What You Need To Know


Units: Forces & Motion, Matter: Properties & Change, Energy: Conservation & Transfer, Earth in the Universe, Earth Systems, Structures & Processes, Structures & Functions of Living Organisms, Ecosystems


Materials Needed:


3-Ring Binder or 2-pocket folder with all notes, homework assignments, and cumulative assignments organized into the correct location

3-subject spiral notebook (optional)

Pens (blue/black), pencils



Daily Routine:

Students should come into the classroom quietly and take their seats. Make sure your pencils are sharpened and all your materials are ready. Complete the daily warm up that is written on the board.



Homework – Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis. At the start of each day's class, the day’s homework will be written down on the board and completed homework must be present on the students' desk to be collected.  


Quizzes – Students will take quizzes every other week.  Quizzes will be in the form of multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, or classroom activities.  


Tests/Assessments – Students will take an assessment at the end of each unit.  


Classwork – Students will have a variety of work assignments collected and graded on a regular basis. These could be labs, warm ups, exit tickets, or anything other than an assessment. 


Projects – Students will work on projects throughout the year related to the curriculum to enhance their learning along the way.  Projects will count as a test grade in the grade book!



10% Homework

30% Classwork/Labs/Quizzes

60% Tests/Projects

Late Work:

To receive full credit, an assignment must be turned in on time, complete and correct. Students who fail to turn in assignments when due will have 3 days to turn in their assignment for a late grade. On the 4th day the student will be placed in lunch detention until work has been completed for a late grade. Students are ultimately responsible for making sure they make up all work due to absence.




1.       Students are expected to follow all Moore Square Middle School rules, as well as established classroom rules and procedures.


2.      Students are expected to turn in all assignments!  If they fail to do this, they will have lunch detention until the assignment is made up.


3.       Students are responsible for their learning, please do not hesitate to ask questions, or seek out help.  Sixth grade tutoring is available upon request.  Students must have a tutoring pass filled out by a parent and turned in at least 24 hours before tutoring in order to stay after school.


Classroom Expectations:

Be Prepared!-Bring all necessary materials to class everyday: notebook, homework, writing supplies, agenda, etc.

Be Prompt!-Come to class everyday on time, sit in your seat and get ready to work.

Follow R.O.A.R!: 

Respect everyone & everything

Own your own actions

Achieve your own goals

Remain safe

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